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Innovation Park Medway


The new park will be a catalyst for innovation and business growth across Medway, complementing the existing Innovation Centre and Innovation Studios. It will also offer state-of-the-art meeting and conference spaces, business facilities and opportunities for networking in a campus atmosphere.

Sometimes the best way to move forward when creating a new brand is to look back at the past. The site is steeped in aviation history, has always reached for the sky and challenged the norm with true pioneers of the time.


To me, nothing's changed except now the sky is definitely not the limit.

The brands identity comes from the vapour trails/smoke left in the sky by planes, we call them 'Pathways'. Two lines form a set and these sets can be overlapped to create movement and direction.


Brand development


Medway Council

Designed while working for

Zest the Agency

All work owned and managed by
Zest the Agency

IPM plinth viz.jpg
IPM adviz.png
iPM zfold.jpg
IPM web.png

I also suggested how the brand could work on the new buildings and wayfinding that would be required throughout the park.

As you'll see from the architects drawings (borrowed from google) these ideas have definately influenced their approach.

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